Ariel Perez

Ariel Perez

Ariel Perez, Tango Atelier creator and dance instructor


Ariel Perez is an Argentine dancer, actor, and singer as well as an instructor and choreographer of tango and folclore argentino.
He started his career as a dancer at the Ballet Folclórico Nacional de Argentina in 1990. Renowned tango dancer, he has danced to the most well-known stages of Buenos Aires, such as Sabor a Tango, Michelangelo, La Ventana, and Esquina Carlos Gardel, as well as the international dance groups “Mario Montes”, “Tangox2” of Miguel Soto, “Compania de Tango Argentino” of Roberto Herrera, “Tango Seducción” of Gustavo Russo which toured all around the world. He also performed in the musical “Chantecler” of Mora Godoy in a leading part. Additionally, he has participated as a dancer in movies, like “Tango” (1998) of Carlos Saura and ”Evita” (1996) of Alan Parker.
He has taught tango and Argentine folklore dances (folclore) at some of the most famous dance schools of Argentina, such as Escuela Argentina C. C.BORGES, Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires and Milonga La Viruta.

In 2013, he created the group “Acuarela Company”, together with the professional dancer and visual artist Margarita Plessa and he directed and created the choreographies for the musical “Acuarela de Tango”, which toured Cube, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, and Greece, as well as the dance and music show “Aires de Argentina” (2014), which toured in Greece.
In 2016, he established Tango Atelier with Margarita Plessa and started to teach tango and Argentine dances in Athens, while continuing to deliver seminars around the world.
He has been a member of the selection panel of the most significant dance festivals of Argentina, such as the Mundial de Tango 2018 and 2019 in Buenos Aires, the Festival Nacional del Malambo de la Borde, and the Festival Nacional de Folclore de Pre Cosquin en Cordoba.
In Greece, he has performed as a choreographer and professional dancer in the group Tango en Eros, with which he appeared at Herodion, Pallas, Technopolis, and many more, as well as the show Rebetango, which toured to numerous places of the country, such us Apollon Syros Theater, Mikis Theodorakis Theater, Doukissis Plakentias Palace, El Convento del Arte, Ikaros Festival, etc. He has also accompanied the international group Compañia Tango Dinzel in their premiere in Athens. Furthermore, he has participated as a choreographer and professional dancer in the Orquesta Tipica La Juan d’ Arienzo, as well as the ERT’s Contemporary Music Orchestra through concerts in Badminton theater.


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