Vassia Katsigianni

Vassia Katsigianni

Vassia Katsigianni, Tango Atelier Dance Instructor


Vassia Katsigianni is 23 years old and she has been dancing flamenco for 11 years. Her first contact with dancing, in general, was at the age of 3-4 when she started taking ballet classes and since then, dancing has never stopped being a part of her life. She started learning Greek, traditional dances as a child and continued to take classes until she became 18. From 11 years old until 18 she was also taught Latin-ballroom, and at the age of 16, she got her teaching diploma in American Bronze Latin and Ballroom Dances and started teaching. Meanwhile, all these years, she had participated in dance shows, contests, and festivals, and had come in contact with other types of dance such as salsa, bachata, tango argentino, and Bollywood. In the summer of 2014, she took part as a professional dancer in a series of events across the Peloponnese with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Pyrgos.
Flamenco came in her life at the age of 12, when all of sudden she saw an ad of Sara Baras and got so excited that she decided to learn the art of flamenco so that someday she would be able to dance like her. Therefore, she started learning flamenco, having Popi Panagopoulou as a teacher, and taking the exams of the Spanish Dance Society, acquiring amateur diplomas.
At 18 years old, she took the decision to come to Athens and continue to dance and learn, by the side of the major Maestra Eleni Giannopoulou (Flamenco Solea). She continued taking the exams at Spanish Dance Academy and four years later, where at 22 she obtained her first teaching diploma (idb1).
In March 2019, along with Konstantina Symianaki, they accepted the proposition to participate as performers in tedxAueb at Seraphio of the Municipality of Athens. As a result of this experience, they created the group Rosas en el Fuego. In June 2019, she organized a flamenco night for the first time, and in September 2019, that same flamenco night was recreated during a Festival in Athens, and once again met the same great success.
In June 2020, she started her collaboration with Tango Atelier through the organization of a cycle of flamenco seminars and a Spanish night with live and show by the group Al Aire libre-Grupo Flamenco, in which Vassia participates as a choreographer and a dancer.
During all the years she has been involved with flamenco, she has attended various seminars by Spanish dancers and instructors, such as Patricia Guerrero, Oscar de Los Reyes, Jose Maya, La Lupi, and participated in several dance performances and dance nights. Moreover, during her travels to Seville and Andalusia, she has taken classes from great dancers, such as Carmen Ledesma, Miguel el Rubio, Manuela Rios, El Oruco, and has attended numerous performances of significant dancers, such as Εva Yerbabuena, Maria Pages, Patricia Guerrero, Fernando Jimenez, as well as singers and musicians, such as Antonio Rey, Arcangel, Alfredo Tejada, Estrella Orente, Maya Rey, Los Mellis de Huelva, Anna Sato.


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